Canada's Retail Rewards App

SimpoPay is Canada's Retail Rewards App that elevates your retail experience to the next level!

Double Down on Rewards

Collect SIMPOPAY Rewards Points

Why not pay and also collect reward points? Double down to paying and collecting SimpoPay rewards points when you use Simpopay

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Reward Points Made Simple

Canada’s Highly Valued Retail Rewards App

Collect Points

Collect points scanning with SIMPOPAY App with ease directly from your mobile phone

Transfer Points

Easily transferable points sending and receiving between your friends and family

Redeem Points

Shop and Redeem items conveniently and securely with quick scan of your mobile phone at different retailers.

Earn Rewards

Enjoy rewards at the most popular locations around you when you pay with Simpopay app.

Simpopay is available for free on Google Play & App Store